The Spark is a prototype model for sustainable urban Data Centers fueling the Power Cities of tomorrow.

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Mission statement

Today data storage stands for about 2 percent of the world’s total greenhouse gas emission, and by 2020 the need for digital data storage could amount to the unfathomable number 44 zettabytes.

This innovative vision for an energy saving and sustainable Data Center shows the possibility of using the excess thermal energy that would otherwise go to waste.

By placing the data center in the heart of the city, we can create a smart loop with local and renewable energy, which also creates comfort and empowers social meeting places. This vision made by the Norwegian real estate developer Green Property Development in collaboration with Snøhetta, Skanska, Asplan Viak and Nokia, is inspired by the stringent Powerhouse standard to create a Power City, an energy positive city that produces more energy than it consumes over a life time.

Power Cities can be scaled in size and located anywhere in the world.

The Machine

A sustainable and environmentally friendly Data Center placed in the heart of the city.

Our model is based on a capacity of 200 racks, amounting to a 2 MW data center. The idea is that machines will be filled in stages, and that the center will scale in height and length depending on the size and requirements/profitability of the center. The excess heat can be utilized directly in district heating systems and for the heating of household water tanks.

Excess Heat Loop

Harnessing the excess heat to supply the entire city with energy

Data centers are normally located in remote areas and produce .enormous amounts of heat, dissipated into the air. By placing the Data Center in the heart of the city, we can create a smart and sustainable loop, where the excess heat from the data center provides thermal energy to the whole city, before it ends up in the Center again, cooling it down.

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Power City Concept

Creating a plus energy development
— a Power City

“Power City” stems from the Powerhouse coalition, which defines a plus energy building as a building that produces more clean energy over its life span than has been used to produce construction materials, construct the building, operate it and modify it for the next owner.

In the Power City there is a high emphasis on energy efficiency and and re-usage of power to the surrounding city. The heating requirements of the city matches the spill-off heat from the Data Center while the abundancy of roof area in the city cover the need for sun energy production. Combined, The Spark will generate enough energy to make the Power City a plus energy development.

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The city consists of facilities matching the standard developments for the number of citizens and households needed to make the city energy positive. The heating requirements of the city matches the spill-off heat from the data center, and there is enough roof area to cover the need for sun energy production. For a 2MW Data Center, it has been calculated that a city of 18.000 inhabitants is suitable.

Social Comfort

Empowering social meeting places and creating comfort.

Facilities are placed ranging from hot to cold according to their heating needs, from the heat outlet on one side of the center to an inlet temperature at the other side, which is low enough to cool down the data center.

Along the way, the advanced technology will create everyday comfort, and empower social meeting places.

The Spark reintroduces a human touch back into our digitalized and smartphone driven lives, making the building not only a physical venue worth visiting in itself, but the very body and mind of a living and breathing city of the future.